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Transforming Education with Esports: Generation Esports' Curriculum Showcase at FETC 2024

Updated: Feb 23

Welcome to FETC 2024, where Generation Esports, is setting a new standard in educational technology. Our Gaming Concepts Curriculum, a beacon in the realm of esports education, is not just a course—it's a future-forward journey. It's where mental health studies inform our teaching, ensuring each module supports both the intellect and emotional well-being of students.

This curriculum is crafted to equip students with career-ready skills, ensuring they're not just gamers, but future innovators and leaders. It's rigorously designed and standards-aligned for all 50 states, guaranteeing relevance and adaptability in diverse educational settings. Our approach is simple yet profound: make learning relevant, rigorous, and relatable.

FETC 2024 Speaker Insights: Trailblazers of Scholastic Esports

This year's FETC lineup features distinguished educators who are reshaping the educational landscape with innovative uses of esports:

  • Dr. Kristy Custer

  • Sessions:

  • Empowering Boys in Education: Harnessing the Power of Esports

  • Meet The Author Experience - Gaming Concepts

  • Renowned for her 24-year tenure in education, Dr. Custer has been pivotal in crafting learning environments that turn students' disengagement into a passion for education. She’s a beacon for student-driven learning, matching her sessions to her belief in the motivational power of esports.

  • Dr. Michael Russell

  • Sessions:

  • Esports Coaching and Directing for High School

  • Meet The Author Experience - Gaming Concepts

  • Dr. Russell has dedicated six years to integrating esports into education. His sessions will delve into his hands-on experience in building an esports lab and developing curricula that leverage gaming for educational and personal growth.

  • Heidi Albin

  • Session: Using Scholastic Gaming to Teach Life Skills

  • With 14 years under her belt, Albin is a staunch advocate for the motivational potential of gaming in education. She brings her award-winning teaching experience to her session, focusing on how esports can unlock student effort and performance.

  • Alex Earley

  • Session: Scholastic Esports: Not One Size Fits All

  • Easly's lifelong gaming experience and his work in expanding esports in education provide a backdrop for his session, where he'll explore the diverse applications of esports programs tailored to various school environments.

  • James Rand

  • Sessions:

  • Gaming Concepts—More Than Just Scholastic Esports

  • Technology Requirements for Building a Successful Esports Program

  • With 18 years of classroom experience and a hand in designing the Nexus lab, Rand is set to share his insights on not only establishing but also enriching scholastic esports programs with new technological facets.

Each speaker brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective on the integration of esports into educational settings. Their multiple sessions will cover a range of topics, from harnessing esports for student engagement to the technical requirements of building a successful program. Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted role esports can play in enriching the educational experience.

Visit Generation Esports at booth 3009, a pivotal destination at FETC 2024, where education meets the exciting world of esports. Here's what to expect:

  • Interactive Experience: Dive into an engaging space where gaming and learning collide. Our booth offers a hands-on look at how esports is reshaping education.

  • Benefits Unfolded: Discover the practical applications of esports in classrooms. See how this innovative approach enhances student engagement and fosters new learning opportunities.

  • Active Participation: Join in on interactive sessions and live demonstrations at our Esports Theater. Engage in discussions about integrating esports into curricula and the positive impact it has on students.

To aid your journey, here is a map of FETC highlighting our location will be provided. Find us at the heart of the event, and explore how Generation Esports is pioneering in educational technology. We’re not just exhibiting; we’re creating a space for inspiration, learning, and community.

Engage and Win

Dive into the interactive world of Generation Esports by subscribing to our channel—your portal to the cutting-edge intersection of gaming and education. With just a click, educators, students, and enthusiasts alike can unlock a treasure trove of resources that elevate the learning experience.

Don't miss out on this opportunity. Engage with us, win with us, and be part of the movement reshaping the educational landscape. Click subscribe, elevate your educational arsenal, and you might just be the next winner in our mission to empower through esports.

FETC 2024 is a milestone in our journey, showcasing Generation Esports' commitment to redefining education through the lens of esports. We invite you to continue this journey with us—engage, participate, and be part of our community that's setting new paradigms in learning.

Follow our story, contribute to our mission, and together, let's unlock the full potential of esports in the educational sphere. Join us, and let's build the future of learning, game by game. Triad of Success - Learn, Practice, Compete

Generation Esports champions a triad approach to scholastic esports, encapsulating a holistic educational experience that goes beyond the game:

  • Learn: Students are introduced to the foundational aspects of esports, from the history and culture to the technical skills required to navigate and understand the gaming world.

  • Practice: Beyond theoretical knowledge, students apply their learning in practical settings, honing their skills in real-world scenarios and collaborative projects.

  • Compete: The culmination of learning and practice is brought to life through competition, where students test their abilities, learn the value of teamwork, and experience the thrill of esports.

Central to this approach are the Middle School Esports League (MSEL) and the High School Esports League (HSEL), platforms where students can engage in the esports ecosystem at a level that matches their educational and developmental stages.

  • MSEL: Tailored for the unique needs of middle school students, MSEL provides a nurturing ground for budding esports enthusiasts and learners.

  • HSEL: Offering a more advanced level of competition, HSEL challenges high school students to elevate their skills and prepare for collegiate and professional arenas.

Discover the full schedule and embark on the esports educational journey that awaits with a simple click.


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