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Digital Life Skills

Empower Middle School Students with Essential Digital Life Skills through Esports-Inspired Curriculum.


Gaming Concepts: Digital Life Skills uses esports as the engagement piece to teach students executive function skills that will help make their transition to high school more successful. Lessons focus on organization, perseverance, self-advocacy, self-regulation, time management, responsible decision making, digital citizenship, and social emotional learning that are often difficult to teach in an authentic, engaging way through traditional middle school coursework. Evidence-based Mental Health Moments, proven to increase student mental health, are also naturally embedded in lessons.

  • Grade Level: 9-12

  • Length: 0.5-1.0 credit

  • Prerequisites: None

Image by Shubham Dhage

Table of Contents

Level 1: Dungeon Runner

  • Players and coaches will set classroom expectations, as well as expectations for when they are gaming. After exploring the benefits of journaling, players will determine their base stats and create their characters.

Level 2: Strength Training

  • The attribute of Strength will be addressed in this unit as students learn how to build resilience using attributes such as: building connections by prioritizing relationships and joining a group, finding purpose by helping others, fostering wellness by taking care of the body, practicing mindfulness, avoiding negative thoughts, embracing healthy thoughts by keeping things in perspective, maintaining a hopeful outlook, and seeking help.

Level 3: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

  • This unit will address the Endurance attribute by helping students form goals and stick to them throughout the course. Students will form a Main Quest for their lives and then Side Quests for each of the six attributes addressed in this course. 

Level 4: Perception Becomes Reality

  • The Perception attribute will be addressed in this unit as students learn about how they are affected by social media and online communities. Students will gain perception of the opportunities available to them for their future and also consider the perception others may have of them based on the way they present their skills.

Level 5: Wise Beyond Your Years

  • The attribute of Wisdom will be addressed in this unit as students learn practical skills for staying safe, accomplishing objectives, navigating difficult situations, and addressing their wellbeing. 

Level 6: Off to the Races! 

  • The attribute of Agility will be addressed in this unit as students refine their emotional intelligence, enhance digital skills, and discover methods to organize and enhance their lives.

Level 7: Have we met Before?

  • The attribute of Charisma will be addressed in this unit as students consider how they interact with each other socially and on a team.  Students will also refine the way they present themselves to potential employers by considering their strengths, creating a resume, and practicing a job interview.  

Kale Schafer

Teacher, Charlton Heston Academy, Northern Michigan Schools

"I'm very much enjoying my experience as a Gaming Concepts teacher. The curriculum is straightforward and easy to use at whatever pace best fits you and your students' needs. It doesn't take much time to find a lesson, read the plans, and make copies using the physical or digital copy of the curriculum. Many students who struggle to engage with traditional curriculum find Gaming Concepts as an opportunity to be excited about something at school."

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