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Rising Champions

Supercharge your school through an active and immersive learning experience that empowers students to apply critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies in a fun-filled environment. Elevate your teaching to new heights with Rising Champions today!

This Summer, It's Game On!

Rising Champions combines 20 STEM-focused lessons with live speakers and peer-to-peer gameplay to create an academic and FUN summer school program.

Embracing esports in your summer school class shows students that their passions and interests matter. By incorporating their love for gaming into the curriculum, you'll bridge the gap between traditional education and their personal hobbies, making learning more relevant, engaging, and enjoyable.

Esports can also be an active and immersive learning experience, allowing students to apply critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies in a fun and engaging way.


Power Up Learning: Esports for Summer School

Aligned to academic standards for an unforgettable educational experience!

National Health Education Standards



Engage in Purposeful Play

Our action-packed summer program offers dedicated sessions for both Brawlhalla and Rocket League, allowing students to sharpen their skills and engage in competitive gameplay. Join us for an unforgettable summer of esports education!


Teach Valuable Skills

Encourages students to get in the game and have fun while building their technical skills such as:

Esports Careers and Multi Media Esports Management

Computer Cleaning and Maintenance

Character Creation/Avatar Building


Social Media Design

2D/3D Animation

Internet Safety

...and more!

Ready to Engage Your Students With Esports?

Read more about what's included in Gaming Concepts


Increase student engagement with a standards-based and peer-approved video gaming curriculum for schools.

Esports Training

Help your students develop essential life skills like communication, leadership, and teamwork while practicing the games they love.


Join a community of 3,000+ schools in esports competition where your students can win scholarships and more.

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