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Join a community of 7,000+ schools to compete in regional, conference, and national competitions, participate in community events, and win scholarships.

Join the Largest, Longest Running, and Most Trusted Leagues for Scholastic Esports


Let Your Students Join the Biggest Esports Competitions

Join a community of 7,000+ schools

Competitions in the most popular games

Virtual, regional, and national events

Be eligible for $16 million in scholarships from U.S. colleges

Unlimited number of students can join local, regional, and national competitions

Access to additional funding to get team equipment, jerseys, and more

Ready to Engage Your Students With Esports?


Increase student engagement with a standards-based and peer-approved video gaming curriculum for schools.

Learning Platform

Discover an all-new learning experience with our US-based platform Blueprint, a user-friendly environment for teachers and students.


Join a community of 3,000+ schools in esports competitions where your students can win scholarships and more.


Improve with our platform, empowering you to cultivate your skills through fun, professional, and structured esports training.

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