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Gaming Concepts: Streaming – Transforming Public Speaking with Esports and Digital Media Mastery


Gaming Concepts: Streaming takes the pain out of Public Speaking classes. Aligned to national speaking and listening standards, the course takes students out from behind the podium and makes them the creators of the action. Similar to a traditional Public Speaking course, Gaming Concepts: Streaming teaches students how to initiate and participate in collaborative discussions, respond thoughtfully to diverse perspectives, evaluate a speaker’s point of view, research and integrate multiple sources of information into a presentation, utilize digital media in presentations and much more.

  • Grade Level: 9-12

  • Length: 0.5 credit

  • Prerequisites: None


Table of Contents

Level 1: Intro

  • Streamers will explore the rules for class, receive an introduction to types of streaming content, review community guidelines, and determine their “why” for streaming.

Level 2: On Air Personality

  • Players will begin researching content for their stream, developing a practice routine, scheduling, promoting, and learning how to measure the success of their stream.

Level 3: Live From...

  • Players will learn about the equipment required to make a successful stream, how to manage expectations, streaming platforms, and use of media to enhance their stream.

Level 4: Know the Audience

  • Streamers will learn how to engage with their audience, keep a positive attitude, moderate chat while streaming, and offer a variety of perspectives over subject matter. In addition, streamers will learn how to manage their streaming business by analyzing revenue opportunities, growing their viewership, establishing partnerships, and setting goals.

Level 5: Content Crafting

  • Streamers will learn healthy ways to receive constructive feedback about their content creation. They will then develop the skills to assimilate this feedback by carefully analyzing their previous streams for editing.

Barry DeSain

 Instructional Technology Specialist, Monroe 1 BOCES

"[Gaming Concepts] is a way to start a conversation that kids want to be involved in. They want to be involved with games. They want to be engaged with it. They are collaborating with people who they might never have talked to before. They are working on themselves. They are working on really evaluating their own performance within a team and looking at those other roles besides being a player."

Click on your state for the Streaming Standards Alignment:

Streaming State Standards


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