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Aligned with national Broadcasting standards, Gaming Concepts: Shoutcasting helps students who didn’t think they had an interest in journalism to view this career field from a whole new perspective. 


Gaming Concepts: Shoutcasting teaches the fundamentals of broadcast journalism through the lens of a shoutcaster. Not only is shoutcasting a fast-growing career field, but the skills learned easily align with the Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications cluster CTE alignment. Lessons focus on an overview of shoutcasting and how it aligns with broadcasting, careers in shoutcasting and how to attain them, story writing and interviewing, the technical and equipment aspect of the career, media’s influence on society, developing and producing a complete broadcast, and the economic factors that influence the business.


Increase student engagement with a standards-based and peer-approved video gaming curriculum for schools.

Esports Training

Help your students develop essential life skills like communication, leadership, and teamwork while practicing the games they love.


Join a community of 3,000+ schools in esports competition where your students can win scholarships and more.

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