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Gaming Concepts: Shoutcasting – A Unique Blend of Esports and Broadcast Journalism for Aspiring Journalists and Commentators.


Gaming Concepts: Shoutcasting is aligned with national broadcasting standards and helps students who didn’t think they had an interest in journalism view this career field from a whole new perspective. Gaming Concepts: Shoutcasting teaches the fundamentals of broadcast journalism through the lens of a shoutcaster. Not only is shoutcasting a fast-growing career field, but the skills learned easily align with the Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications cluster CTE alignment. Lessons focus on an overview of shoutcasting and how it aligns with broadcasting, careers in shoutcasting and how to attain them, story writing and interviewing, the technical and equipment aspect of the career, media’s influence on society, developing and producing a complete broadcast, and the economic factors that influence the business.

  • Grade Level: 9-12

  • Length: 0.5 credit

  • Prerequisites: None


Table of Contents

Level 1: Battlecasters

  • Starting with an introduction to shoutcasting and its fundamentals, casters will delve into the language, lingo, and equipment required for live shoutcasting. Additionally, students will gain insights into the necessary training and education for success in the industry.

Level 2: The Cast

  • Casters will explore the roles within shoutcasting, understanding their unique responsibilities and contributions. They will learn how to develop a professional persona and navigate multiple personas when required for different shoutcasting engagements.

Level 3: Scriptcraft

  • This unit focuses on the art of crafting compelling shoutcast content. Throughout the unit, students will discover that everyone has a unique story to tell and learn how to harness the power of storytelling to create impactful and memorable shoutcasts.

Level 4: Digital Nexus

  • In this unit, students will explore advanced techniques in shoutcasting production. They will learn how to use multiple cameras effectively in OBS, utilize images to enhance production value, and master the intricacies of transitions, filters, and plugins to create visually appealing shoutcasts. Students will also explore various career opportunities in the field, understanding how to align their passion for shoutcasting with their unique personality traits for a successful career.

Level 5: Esports Amplified

  • Casters will investigate the professional and business aspects of shoutcasting. They will learn strategies for navigating team conflicts and factors to consider when working with teams in the shoutcasting industry. They will also explore the various production functions involved in shoutcasting and the importance of maintaining integrity in their roles.

Clint Dayhuff

Director of Esports, Wichita Public Schools

"Gaming Concepts has been such a great addition to our course offerings at Wichita Public Schools. The course is fun for the kids and they learn so much more than just gaming. They learn how to work together, strategize, and problem solve. This is a course that makes the kids want to be at school!"

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