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Discover Gaming Concepts: Fundamentals - A Comprehensive Course to Foster Healthy Gaming Habits, Digital Citizenship, and Essential Life Skills in Students.


Gaming Concepts: Fundamentals provides students a digital framework through an esports lens. Students will explore the history of esports, learn genres of games, practice good gamer health, learn basic technology information and hands-on troubleshooting, explore college and career readiness with a technology focus, engage in digital citizenship, preventative mental health, teamwork, journaling and reflection.

  • Grade Level: 9-12

  • Length: 0.5-1.0 credit

  • Prerequisites: None


Table of Contents

Level 1: Quest Accepted

  • Players and coaches will discuss how to play as a team, rules for play, and ways to win the game.

Level 2: Dungeon Crawl

  • Players will research the history of video games and how video games impact current popular culture.

Level 3: Health and Mana

  • Player health is an important element to game success. Learners will explore ways to improve mental and physical health as well as how to moderate screen time.

Level 4: Tech Tree

  • Gaming is fun, but it's important to know about the technology behind it. Players will learn about the hardware and software that keeps games going.

Level 5: Level Up

  • College and career readiness are important whether students are looking for a career in the video game industry or not. Learners will explore their interests and search for college and career opportunities available through gaming.

Level 6: Boss Fight

  • The culminating end-of-course finale. Sum it all up with a field trip, final reflection and an end-of-course survey.

Linda Schafer

Teacher, Scribner-Snyder Community Schools, Nebraska

"The Gaming Concepts curriculum made an impact on my students on multiple levels. Self-awareness would have to be on the top of the list. They spent a lot of time reflecting not just on the concepts of gaming but on the impacts of gaming in their lives. They were able to articulate what gaming meant to them as well as how important gaming is to those who might not have had a clear understanding of what organized gaming is all about."


Increase student engagement with a standards-based and peer-approved video gaming curriculum for schools.


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