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Interactive Media

Explore the World of Digital Creativity with Our Interactive Media Course: Master Digital Graphics, Animation, Audio & Video Production, and More.


Gaming Concepts: Interactive Media is a project-based course that allows students to view and create digital media through an esports lens. Students will creatively express themselves through hands-on experiences with digital graphics, print media, computer animation, audio production, video production, web design and other newly-emerging forms of digital media. Using industry standard tools and techniques, students will create digital media projects while learning to facilitate meetings, serve as team leaders, manage project timelines, give and receive constructive criticism, and produce professional products. Reflective journaling, media literacy and ethics, as well as embedded social emotional learning also enhance the course and contribute to student mental health.

  • Grade Level: 9-12

  • Length: 1.0 credit

  • Prerequisites: None


Table of Contents

Level 1: Adventure Awaits

  • Players and coaches will explore the rules for class play, laws pertaining to social media and gaming, history of esports, and how interactive media plays a role in the gaming industry.

Level 2: What the Tech?

  • Players will begin utilizing skills in image editing, design, art, color, and texture through the lens of esports and gaming.

Level 3: It's Dangerous to Go Alone!

  • Players will work in teams to create interactive media projects through game design, web page design, and element creation.

Level 4: Loot Crate

  • Players will create digital works, alter images, edit audio, and create a portfolio to organize their work in preparation for college or career opportunities.

Level 5: Target Marked

  • Players will enhance their marketing skills by analyzing client needs through surveys, creating presentations, and preparing client-specific marketing material to meet the needs of their clients.

Level 6: Tech Bytes

  • Players will create three dimensional images, produce animated works, create a website, and be introduced to video game design elements using interactive media fundamentals.

Kale Schafer

Teacher, Charlton Heston Academy, Northern Michigan Schools

"...Anyone with the ability to operate a computer could guide students through these exciting lessons. Being an esports teacher is all about being unafraid to try something new, listening to your students' interests, and doing everything you can to facilitate their passions into life lessons, and maybe even careers!"

Click on your state for the Interactive Media Standards Alignment:

Int. Media State Standards


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