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Pioneering Study Shows Generation Esports’ Gaming Concepts Curriculum Helps Schools Provide Preventative Mental Health

Updated: Feb 23

In an educational landscape hungry for innovation, the Journal of Medical Internet Research: Serious Games published a breakthrough study detailing how students who engaged in Generation Esports’ Gaming Concepts curriculum with embedded Mental Health Moments (MHM) experienced improvements in their self-esteem. The study showcases the profound impact of integrating Mental Health Moments into the Gaming Concepts curriculum, even moving some participants from abnormally low self-esteem scores into normal ranges.

The study reports, “Self-esteem is an important marker of overall adolescent well-being…Because self-esteem can be either a risk factor or a protective factor for mental health challenges, it is critically important to target with supportive initiatives.”

A Groundbreaking Fusion of Esports and Mental Wellness

The comprehensive study, titled Effects of a Preventative Mental Health Curriculum Embedded Into a Scholarly Gaming Course on Adolescent Self-Esteem: Prospective Matched Pairs Experiment, highlights the effectiveness of Gaming Concepts as a tool for educators to:

deliver mental health curriculum in an engaging way,

improve the emotional well-being of students, and

offer an inclusive extracurricular activity that boosts students’ feelings of self-worth and confidence.

The study also reveals a compelling narrative on inclusivity where MHM within the Gaming Concepts curriculum significantly uplifted self-esteem across a spectrum of student demographics. Analysis of the data showed that the MHM initiative transcended race, gender, and sexual orientation, especially impacting students that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report are often at higher risk for mental health challenges throughout adolescence: females; students of color, and individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual.

“The findings underscore the transformative power of our Gaming Concepts curriculum, proving that Mental Health Moments have the remarkable ability to foster inclusivity and elevate self-esteem among diverse student groups,” Dr. Kristy Custer, President of Educational Innovation, stated. “This reaffirms our commitment to providing a universally impactful educational experience that addresses the unique mental health needs of all students.”

A Call to Transform Educational Practices

The study articulates the need for educational methodologies to evolve, championing Generation Esports’ Gaming Concepts as a beacon of innovation in a digital age. It is a call to action for educators, policymakers, and stakeholders to embrace these groundbreaking strategies, ensuring the well-being of students in a rapidly advancing digital world.

By integrating mental health education with the excitement of esports, the adoption of scholarly gaming presents a viable and cost-effective strategy for providing mental health support to students–a solution sought after by many educators.

About Generation Esports

Generation Esports is leading the charge towards a future where digital competence and emotional well-being are interwoven into the fabric of education. With a mission to enhance the educational journey, Generation Esports is at the forefront of integrating esports into learning, providing a supportive and engaging platform for students worldwide.

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To learn more about the Gaming Concepts curriculum, please reach out to Generation Esports or contact Madalyn Rohr, Generation Esports’ Marketing Specialist.


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