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Gaming Concepts Introduces Streaming and Shoutcasting Courses

Gaming Concepts is thrilled to unveil its two latest courses, Gaming Concepts: Streaming and Gaming Concepts: Shoutcasting. These courses bridge the world of competitive gaming with rigorous academic standards, setting a new benchmark in contemporary education.

Understanding the growing interest in esports, Gaming Concepts has blended this enthusiasm with key educational pillars. The goal? Spark a deeper engagement in the classroom and cultivate an authentic love for learning. The approach is straightforward: guide students toward subjects they're passionate about and watch the magic unfold.

"We've always aimed to capture the interests of our students. When we align their studies with their passions, education becomes not just a process, but a memorable journey," said Kristy Custer, President of Educational Innovation at Generation Esports.

The Gaming Concepts: Shoutcasting course offers students a chance to immerse themselves in the world of esports commentary. They'll learn the art of game analysis, storytelling and how to deliver engaging live commentaries. The course also emphasizes the ethical responsibilities of shoutcasting, teaching students about the global impact of their words.

On the other side, Gaming Concepts: Streaming tackles a modern-day paradox. While many fear public speaking, many also dream of becoming professional streamers—a role that's all about engaging with an audience. This course aims to bridge that gap, equipping students with vital public speaking skills while guiding them through the world of professional streaming.

Beyond skill development, there's a deeper layer to these courses. Responding to the 2021 call by the U.S. Surgeon General about the youth mental health crisis, both courses integrate preventive mental health techniques. A standout feature is the Mental Health Moments (MHM) initiative, which has already been shown to have a significant positive impact on student self-esteem in other Gaming Concepts courses.

"Our new courses are more than just about gaming; they're about nurturing our students both in terms of skills and their well-being. We believe in preparing them for the future while taking care of their present," added Mason Mullenioux, CEO at Generation Esports.

With Gaming Concepts: Streaming and Gaming Concepts: Shoutcasting, Gaming Concepts continues its commitment to innovative, engaging, and holistic education.

Interested parties can dive deeper into this exciting intersection of gaming and education at the Gaming Concepts website.

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