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Increase student engagement with a standards-based and peer-approved video gaming curriculum for schools.


Gaming Concepts: Fundamentals (A video gaming curriculum for schools)

Students will explore esports history, game genres, esports technology, hands-on troubleshooting, and college and career readiness with a technology focus. The course allows students to practice good gamer health and engage in digital citizenship, social-emotional learning, teamwork, journaling, and reflection.

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Gaming Concepts: Exploring Interactive Media and Esports Topics

A project-based course about digital graphics, print media, computer animation, audio production, video production, web design, and other newly-emerging forms of digital media. Through digital media projects, students will learn how to facilitate meetings, serve as team leaders, manage project timelines, give and receive constructive criticism, and produce professional products.

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Gaming Concepts Middle School: Exploring Life Skills Through Scholastic Gaming

This course uses esports to engage students and teach them skills to help their transition to high school. Lessons focus on organization, perseverance, self-advocacy, self-regulation, time management, responsible decision making, digital citizenship, and social-emotional learning. Evidence-based Mental Health Moments, proven to increase student mental health, are also naturally embedded in lessons.

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Gaming Concepts: Shoutcasting

Aligned with national Broadcasting standards, Gaming Concepts: Shoutcasting helps students who didn’t think they had an interest in journalism to view this career field from a whole new perspective. Gaming Concepts: Shoutcasting teaches the fundamentals of broadcast journalism through the lens of a shoutcaster. Not only is shoutcasting a fast-growing career field, but the skills learned easily align with the Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications cluster CTE alignment. Lessons focus on an overview of shoutcasting and how it aligns with broadcasting, careers in shoutcasting and how to attain them, story writing and interviewing, the technical and equipment aspect of the career, media’s influence on society, developing and producing a complete broadcast, and the economic factors that influence the business.

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Gaming Concepts: Streaming

Gaming Concepts: Streaming takes the pain out of Public Speaking classes. Aligned to national speaking and listening standards, the course takes students out from behind the podium and makes them the creators of the action. Similar to a traditional Public Speaking course, Gaming Concepts: Streaming teaches students how to initiate and participate in collaborative discussions, respond thoughtfully to diverse perspectives, evaluate a speaker’s point of view, research and integrate multiple sources of information into a presentation, utilize digital media in presentations and much more.

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Curriculum Overview

Standards-Based, Peer-Approved Curriculum

Drawing from CTE, ISTE, and SEL standards, Gaming Concepts is accredited and peer-reviewed. Comprehensive lesson overviews, easy-to-follow directions, and project-based lessons give teachers time to do what they do best — TEACH!

Digital Framework Provides Access to STEM Fields

Using esports as a digital framework creates a new pathway for students from diverse backgrounds to experience science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in an engaging way.

College and Career Readiness

Teaching college and career readiness skills such as communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving, Gaming Concepts courses guide students to explore careers and learn skills they will need beyond high school.

Social Emotional Learning

Focusing on the three mental health determinants of self-efficacy, life skills, and self-esteem, Mental Health Moments are embedded in lessons for authentic social emotional learning lessons.

Gameplan Online Learning Management System

Enabling teachers the flexibility to use both synchronous and asynchronous learning, the Gameplan learning management system is everything schools need to teach Gaming Concepts courses, train students using game-specific training programs, and organize competitive teams.

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Improved attendance and grades

Since 2018, schools using Gaming Concepts have reported improved grade point averages for students and attendance increases of up to 10%.

Increased student engagement

82% of students who participated in Gaming Concepts as an after-school activity stated it was the first time they had participated in any extracurricular activity.

Focus on mental health

Mental Health Moments weave meaningful, personal social emotional learning into daily lessons.

Purposeful play

Having daily class goals gives purpose to screen time.

Follows the CTE pathway

A fun way to engage students with STEM, CTE, and career readiness through gaming.

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Engaging Lessons

Access the entire Gaming Concepts curriculum online through an engaging, interactive, easy-to-use learning management system powered by Gameplan.

Lesson introductions by the authors give an overview of course content
Discussion boards, grade book, and pre-built assessments add traditional LMS features, while access to performance training and drills add an esports twist
Synchronous and asynchronous learning provide opportunities for individualization and differentiation

State of The Art Scheduling Tools

In just 10 minutes, you can create your classroom on Gameplan, import ready-to-use lessons into the classroom schedule, and invite your students to join the first lesson.

Import plug-and-play lessons into your calendar on the days you have classes
Customize the schedule with drag-and-drop or add your own material with Custom Events
Quick editing with keyboard shortcuts
Students can be ready for the first lesson in a couple of minutes


Written by a veteran administrator, classroom teacher, and medical doctor, Gaming Concepts was created to transform students’ love of esports into an educational opportunity that would motivate and engage both high-level achievers and apathetic learners. Together, Dr. Custer, an experienced curriculum writer; Dr. Russell, an experienced gamer; and Dr. Jensen, a former ER doctor, created a scholastic gaming experience that both teachers and students can enjoy.

Picture of Dr. Kristy Custer
Dr. Kristy Custer

VP Educational Innovation, HSEL
Former Principal and Teacher

Picture of Dr. Michael Russell
Dr. Michael Russell

VP of Curriculum and Esports Integration, HSEL
Former Teacher and Esports Coach

Picture of Dr. Christopher Jensen
Dr. Christopher Jensen

Senior Health Advisor, HSEL
Former Teacher and ER Doctor

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