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So What is This?


Students and teachers have become more adept at using technology in the classroom, particularly as they attempt to navigate the variety of learning styles “rolled out” during the pandemic. I say “rolled out” because I think, as a teacher during the pandemic myself, we were all just trying to find the best way to navigate learning and teaching in the multiple new models. The back and forth of remote, hybrid, and in-person learning placed a tremendous amount of stress on our school systems, our teachers, and our students.

The pandemic has changed how we think about school, and we need to reevaluate the tools we use to make learning more engaging for students and teachers. Teachers spend countless hours preparing lessons, grading, speaking with parents, responding to email, and of course, teaching. We created Gaming Concepts to engage students and increase teacher engagement through student success, while reducing the amount of time a teacher needs for lesson planning, providing much needed time for teachers to focus on what is most important, their students.

Generation Esports, through its Gaming Concepts course offerings, and Learn2Esport, through their Gameplan learning management system have created a unique platform for students and teachers to utilize in all facets of learning.

Gaming Concepts lessons are prepared for the teacher to implement on day one. Every material the teacher and student will need, every standard for learning, every website link, and every handout are included in our turn-key, accredited courses.

We have also placed authentic social-emotional learning (SEL) into most of the lessons, negating the need for teachers to prepare a separate lesson for their required SEL lessons that many are expected to include in their normal course load. These authentic moments focus on skills that teachers are already trained to build upon and reinforce in their classroom. These authentic SEL lessons are known as Mental Health Moments and focus on student self-esteem, student self-efficacy, and life skills. The practical material and mental health focus of Gaming Concepts create a learning environment which keeps students and teachers engaged and focused on learning through classroom instruction, project-based learning and purposeful play.

Learn2Esport brings digital learning to the forefront with its Gameplan learning management system (LMS). This LMS provides students and teachers with a unique interactive classroom experience, which can be adapted to meet the needs of any current learning situation, including remote, hybrid, and in-person learning. Gameplan has multiple unique features and product offerings to benefit schools and competitive esports programs.

Gameplan features a drag and drop calendar for ease of use in assigning course-work. This allows teachers to place lessons and adjust their calendars by simply selecting a lesson and moving it to another day or removing that lesson from the calendar entirely. Every lesson, for each course or game, is pre-loaded into the Gameplan system. Teachers are able to choose individual lessons if they like, or import the entire course, providing flexibility and the ability to differentiate lessons for each student.

Gaming Concepts, in tandem with Gameplan, is a highly adaptable resource which will benefit teachers by reducing preparation time for course work and ease of implementation through the use of the LMS. Students will benefit from the “relevant to their lives'' learning offered in the Gaming Concepts courses, and the increased interactivity and engagement through the Gameplan platform.

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