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Dr. Michael Russell

President Esports Education and Esports Integration, 6 years in education

"I grew up gaming, and credit gaming with saving my life, particularly as I navigated my middle school and early high school years. During my six years teaching at Complete High School we wrote 40 grants, built an amazing esports lab, participated in local and national competitions, and wrote a course titled Gaming Concepts. I would say my “why” has evolved from 'I am going to prove to people that gaming and the skills learned while gaming are beneficial,' to 'How can I help more students utilize the skills they learn from gaming to positively impact their career, college, and personal goals?'."

  • 6 years in education
  • Gaming Concepts
  • History
  • Social Studies
  • Business
  • Kansas Horizon Award Winner
  • Mid-American Computer Educator of the Year