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Chris Shima

Scholastic Account Executive, 18 years in education

Chris wants to equip educators who want to make a memorable difference in new, fun, and unconventional ways with their students through esports.

  • 18 years in education
  • 1st grade teacher for eight years
  • CTE Credentialed
  • Information Technology
  • Audio/Video/Film Technology
  • Visual and Design Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Journalism and Broadcasting
  • Dance Teacher over 25 years
  • Theater director and choreographer over 20 years
  • Ukulele Teacher over 20 years

Chris' goals at Generation Esports:

  • To work alongside like-minded people wanting to achieve the same goal 
  • To use all of my life experience and skills towards something I could shape and promote that I thought was cool and that others would also think was cool 
  • To help create an experience at schools that I wish I had when I was a teen
  • To serve and support students, educators, and my co-workers