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Gaming Concepts: Streaming gives students, who are interested in esports and streaming, the opportunity to plan, research, reflect, edit, and practice writing and streaming in a public speaking context.


Gaming Concepts: Streaming takes the pain out of Public Speaking classes. Aligned to national speaking and listening standards, the course takes students out from behind the podium and makes them the creators of the action. Similar to a traditional Public Speaking course, Gaming Concepts: Streaming teaches students how to initiate and participate in collaborative discussions, respond thoughtfully to diverse perspectives, evaluate a speaker’s point of view, research and integrate multiple sources of information into a presentation, utilize digital media in presentations and much more.


Increase student engagement with a standards-based and peer-approved video gaming curriculum for schools.

Esports Training

Help your students develop essential life skills like communication, leadership, and teamwork while practicing the games they love.


Join a community of 3,000+ schools in esports competition where your students can win scholarships and more.

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