June 3, 2022

We're Giving Away 25 Esports Labs!

Our Learn And Build STEAM (LABS) program will award 25 middle schools, high schools, and colleges with state-of-the-art esports labs and applications are NOW OPEN through July 1.

If you’ve landed on this site, you’re probably interested in how to bring esports into your school and how it can affect your students. Or, you’re already familiar with the positive impact. Esports clubs (both competitive and casual) offer an extracurricular opportunity and outlet for students who otherwise haven’t been engaged in school, during the day or after. Plus, millions of dollars in college scholarships are awarded every year to high school students! 

“It gives us a reason to finish the day. A reason to do well in class.” - David Cunningham, former student at Messalonskee High School 

We know that getting an esports club started can be challenging. While esports players can compete from home (or anywhere), students do better when they compete and practice together. Like other sports, being in the same room creates an irreplaceable energy and takes your students from friends playing video games to a legitimate esports team. However, not everyone sees the benefits of video games in school and acquiring equipment can be difficult. Some schools have the money and support, but they don’t know what to buy (our tech expert Frog can help here). 

Other schools, like David’s high school, need help getting the right gear to get their esports club off the ground. Last year, we awarded Messalonskee High School an esports lab with 6 gaming computers. A total of 25 high schools were selected to receive labs from thousands of applications. That’s right, thousands of high schools want esports labs because their students NEED the outlet and the equipment. 

And this year we are giving away 25 more labs.

Our Learn And Build STEAM (LABS) program will award 25 middle schools, high schools, and colleges with esports labs! Each lab includes 6 computers with all the necessary parts and middle and high schools also receive unlimited passes to the MSEL or HSEL. A dedicated gaming lab legitimizes your esports program, allowing it to grow and support even more students. You could also use it as a place to teach Gaming Concepts courses! 

You can apply here. 

Why is “learn and build” in the program title? All high school labs come with a half-day course where students will be taught how to build a computer from scratch! The curriculum empowers students with hands-on experiences and teaches them PC components, safety procedures, and more. 

Sebastian Fortuna is an esports coach at William H Hall HS, another high school that received a lab in 2021. He said this of the computer building part of the experience:

“[The students] got to be part of something for the school. Going forward the years and years that these computers are going to last, they’re going to look at those computers and say ‘Yeah I remember building those.’”

Special thanks to our partners at AMD for providing top of the line equipment for all 25 of our builds! Applications close July 1 so apply today!!

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