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Help your students develop essential life skills like communication, leadership, and teamwork while practicing the games they love.

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Coach Game Mechanics

Guided by a library of training programs built by professional esports coaches and athletes, you can easily coach any game without being an expert. The training programs cover the most popular games and every skill level.

A League of Legends character
Wave management

Wave management is the practice of controlling or manipulating minion waves in you favor...

Improve your aim
Aim training

This program will take you through the steps on how to improve your aim. Aim is a skill that has...

Several Fortnite characters
Creating Routines

During this Training Program, you will find out more about what routines are the most beneficial to...

A player looking at his computer screen
How to Develop Good Mechanics

The brain is highly adaptable with the right type of training. In this course...

CS:GO player holding the bomb
How to Work With Your Team

Get ready to learn the basic concepts of teamwork in CS:GO, pay atte...

A man looking at a computer screen

Human nature is to preserve energy, to follow a crowd, a leader, a group. We are followers by...

Valorant character standing in front of the Valorant logo
Peeking in Valorant

Peeking an angle sounds super straightforward, right? And you're not wrong for thinking that.

Player with headphones looking at a screen
Boosting Your Focus, Flow & Training Productivity

Tilt, anxiety and a lack of focus all reduce our short-term progress and...

A brain
Esports Psychology

Success in video gaming isn’t just about maximizing your physical performance. To truly unlock your character...

A Fortnite character
Late game strategy

Late game is the spirit of competitive Fortnite. Create your own tunnels and rush to the zone...

Rocket League cars
Flip Resets and Ceiling Shots

Airborne maneuvers such as Flip Resets and Ceiling Shots can be tough to...

A room full of people sitting around a table
Diversity in Esports

This course will discuss the current state of diversity in esports concerning gender and ethnic...

A League of Legends character
Introduction to Pathing and Ganking

For a beginner, it will often be difficult to find opportunities on the map. Fog...

A Fortnite character holding a phone
High Ground Retakes

Surprise your opponent by quickly gaining ground and contesting his advantageous position...

Valorant character standing in front of a red background with a dark Valorant icon
Attacking and Defending

Having a rock-solid attack and an iron-tight defense to fall back on is key to success in Valorant. In this trai...

A hand under a drawn brain
Elite Mindset

Bad mindsets can put a massive strain on your skill development. Here, we will break down how mindsets form...

A light bulb
Learning from Experience

Growing from your past defeats or victories, is not always straight forward. Some people say it's...

Image of a city
Cultural and Social Aspects of Esports

This course will discuss the cultural and social intricacies of the esports indust...

Esports Performance Training


Prepare for Tournaments
Setting Goals
Roster Changes
Learning From Experience
Esports Ethics

Esports team

Team Cohesion
Team Motivation


Esports Psychology
Elite Mindset
Elite Motivation
Boosting Focus


Esports Sleep Hygiene
Esports Nutrition
Esports Warmup and Stretching

Aim Lab Integration

Aim Lab is the leading tool for training hand-eye coordination and is used by professional athletes as well as amateurs to improve aim and mouse mechanics.

Aim training programs for each skill level
Warmup exercises
Statistics to analyze performance over time

Review Your Matches and Win More

Game Reviews make it easy to improve through analyzing played matches. The matches can be reviewed by an instructor, the students, or a professional coach.

Highlight model plays and skills to improve by commenting in videos
Emphasize your point by drawing on the screen
Collaborate in real-time

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